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MediKit – the exclusive medicine set for you.

Your exclusive MediKit contains pharmacy-only medications that should not be missing from any medication set. Use your personal voucher and get your MediKit for free now. And not only is your MediKit free of charge, within the EU we also take care of the shipping costs for you.

MediKit: So that you stay healthy even on vacation!

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Comprehensive care.

With your MediKit you and your family are ideally equipped whether at home or on holiday. Benefit from this comprehensive health care package in a high-quality bag.

These medicinal products are included in the MediKit:

Wound spray

for antiseptic wound cleansing 50ml

Disinfectant spray

DEXAN hand and surface disinfection 250ml

Tablets for acute pain

ibutop® 400 mg, 20 tablets

Allergy tablets

Cetirizin axicur® 10 mg, 7 tablets

Gastrointestinal tablets

Loperamid axicur® 2 mg, 10 tablets

Pain gel

ibutop® PAIN RELIEF GEL 100g gel to rub into the skin.

Tablets for heartburn

Pantoprazol axicur® 20 mg, 7 tablets

Tablets for pain and fever

Paracetamol axicur® 500 mg, 20 tablets

The dispatch takes place through one of the responsible MediKit mail-order pharmacies.